Tree Removal Services In Maryland

We can remove any tree or Stump regardless of the size

Whether it’s a dead tree or you simply want more space in your yard and need to have a tree or shrub removed, Elmer´s Professional Tree Service has the tools and the experience to make sure it’s done correctly. Depending on the size of the tree, removal can be a large project, making it essential that it’s done by a professional.

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Stump Removal In Maryland

Stumps are dangerous and hard to spot

Stump grinding requires heavy duty equipment and proper training. With over 10 years of experience, you can trust that our qualified professionals will properly remove any tree stump. Keeping your property and family safe is our top priority. We are also fully insured, and satisfaction is guaranteed.

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We Are A Licensed & Insured Tree Removal Company In Maryland

We make sure to protect your landscape while we work by using equipment such as mud-mats.


We look for potential hazards and clean the space before starting work.


We remove your
tree or stump


We clean the space from any debris after the work is done to make sure that everything looks spot perfect

Other Services

Affordable, Professional & Relieble Tree Services in Maryland

Tree Trimming

Trimming also improves the aesthetics of the tree.

Pruning At Height

We can prune
trees of any height

Gutter Cleaning

A gutter system is essential in protecting your home from damage.

Specialty Services

We take care of tree structure assessments for you, plus anything else you need, like crown reduction or lot cleanup.

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